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The Museum of Useful Things

The Museum of Useful Things is going back to basics, and returning to where it began - the web. Of course that was over eleven years ago. In the meantime two MUT stores existed, but we found that we did best by reaching a wider audience. We now present an edited collection of our favorite MUT products, some old, some brand new, and some of our own design. On our blog we can now share our vintage collection of useful items and industrial images and look forward to seeing/hearing about yours. 

 Our particular parameters and aesthetics will not define useful to everyone. What we are referring to are products/tools that have a clear function, get something done, and do it in a way that is pleasing to the user. The Museum of Useful Things byline has always been “the beauty of function” the satisfaction of a well-designed product that is economical (not just in price, but in usage) made of appropriate materials, and one that does the job well, intuitively if possible. And not all useful things are tools, we are including products for storage, reference, and other specific and necessary uses. 

Our product collection has evolved over the years, some products are no longer made, some are new discoveries and some are the same ones we started with years ago. So please peruse our collection and find that product that will enhance your home and office, check out our blog and give us your feedback. If there are things you are looking for, but don't see in our current collection, please give us a call at 866.497.1221. Chances are we still carry them in one of our Black Ink stores, or at our other website