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Black Ink Boston

Black Ink was realized/formed/created in 1994 by Susan & Timothy Corcoran. We opened the doors of our small storefront in Beacon Hill with a huge collection of artistic rubber stamps and papers.  As black ink was a favorite color to stamp with, we used it as our name. 

Black Ink Boston was our first "design laboratory", and over the years our inventory changed and grew as we did. Industrial products first arrived as store fixtures, and soon we added canvas hampers and other beautiful functional items to the product mix. We've been compared to a general store, our green store shelves reach to the ceilings displaying our ever changing inventory. There's a little something for everyone, with a decidedly idiosyncratic slant. 

After 17 years of rubber stamps, Tin Tin books, Japanese trinkets, unusual paperclips, unique greeting cards, and more products than I can sometimes remember, I'm still excited to open the next box full of new product. Thanks to our great staff and wonderful loyal customers we're heading into our 18th year here going strong. Please come visit, often!


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